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Free and Easy SSL certificates for Developers

Enter the domain you want to secure on your local machine, below. You will get a CA root certificate, a (wildcard) certificate for your domain and a private key. You can then import the CA root certificate on your local machine, usually something like Trusted Root Certificate Store, and install the domain certificate and private key on your server virtual host configuration. (Sub) Domains with international characters will be converted to punycode notation. (don't use www, you are getting a wildcard certificate)



I use odd domain names on my local machine, like testing.dom and such for site development. Developing with http works ofcourse, but https is better, because that is common now. (Thank you Let's Encrypt) Usually I am too lazy to start typing OpenSSL commands, so I made this to make life more easy. I use the SSL certificates with XAMPP on Windows 10, but they will work with any XAMPP, WAMP or LAMP like setup, ofcourse. Just add the odd domains to your host file. Or use this DNS trick to make your local development machine availabe on all the devices on your network, without editing any hosts file.

Please note:

The SSL certificates generated by this website are certificates for development purposes, they are not "real world" certificates. They only work on your local machine / network!


You can generate a SSL certificate for "localhost" as well. One error message less in your error.log :)